Refit project management

Whether you’re choosing to refit your existing yacht or have purchased a vessel with the plan to refit it to suit your requirements and tastes, refits are a perfect opportunity to breathe new life into a yacht.

A Wealth of Experience

Drawing on experts from every field, VF Yachts offers an unparalleled range of technical support and consultancy services from around the world. VF Yachts delivers a wealth of expertise and skill in both yachting and operations, and has the influence, capability and wealth of experience to assist owners in every area of the refit process. VF Yachts benefits from an established and long-standing network with access to the global market and a structured project and risk management approach making it the right choice to lead your superyacht refit project.

Our Approach

Working hand-in-hand with you and your captain, your personal project manager will help you at every stage: choosing a designer, negotiating contracts, liaising with contractors and monitoring recondition. This close collaboration, along with a comprehensive knowledge of shipyards, designers, engineering and contractors means that VF Yachts offers an unmatched Project Management service for any yacht refit project.  Our team of experts, will accurately negotiate the contracts and monitor every stage of the refit.

Technical support and consultancy services

Owners and clients can rely on the fact that VF Yachts has all the service requirements in hand including: designer selection, contract and specification review, refit project management, completion and delivery, warranty management and budget control. Our dedicated team will ensure that there is quality control every step of the way, all the time providing clear and transparent communication through comprehensive reports throughout the refit period, to warrant that only the very best results are achieved.

Past projects

Existing collaborations between Fraser and V.Delta teams include over 30 projects in recent years ranging from 50m vessels such as RIMA II and SENSATION to yachts well over 140m.

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